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The main intent was to create a unique design that would be a true representation of our company’s philosophy which is to provide our clients with individual bespoke design and custom/quality constructed buildings. 

Grollo Homes uses the ‘display home’ as a marketing tool to enable prospective clients to witness the level of detail and quality of construction of our homes first-hand. The design was dubbed the A380 as a reflection of the qualities associated with the aeronautical classification. Style, size, comfort and quality are the adjectives that best describe the intent of the design. 

The influence of aeronautical design was key in informing the external façade intent which incorporates large cantilevered eaves that protrude past the body of the building just as the wing of a plane protrudes outwards from the fuselage. The triangular metallic element located on the main street façade being a representation of the nose cone of the plane, an attempt at streamlining the mass of the design. 

The programmatic arrangement of the interior space is the epitome of function. Incorporating a rectilinear arrangement of the internal rooms allows the occupant to easily navigate the home whilst placing focus on the features within each space rather than the space itself. This emphasis on the features rather than the space was vital in attempting to create the essence of the home being what we put in it rather than what is seen. The true difference between a house and a home.

Family Home Features: 

  • Multiple entertainment areas capable of being used for both formal and informal occasions. 
  • Large garage space.
  • Enclosed alfresco area ensures outdoor cooking can be enjoyed all year round regardless of the weather.
  • Vast amount of storage space. 
  • Theatre room with large opening sliders allowing for both open and enclosed living style arrangements.
  • Four bedrooms with provision for a guest bedroom within the temporary office space at the front of the dwelling.
  • Existing office/garage space has potential to be used as another bedroom, rumpus room, home office etc. Flexibility is useful for all family types small, growing or large. 
  • Separation between private spaces and entertainment spaces.
  • Capability of catering to large groups or large families via use of additional scullery space 
  • Use of warm materials and colour tones.
  • Ample wash rooms, thereby eliminating wait times for performing one’s ablutions.


  • Importance of creating a warm and comfortable environment is paramount in creating a family home.
  • Timber - American Oak - floorboards lead the occupant from the entry space to the main living spaces.
  • A fireplace within the family room provides for both convivial gatherings and more intimate moments.
  • The lack of a rear yard means use of imitation grass to create the distinction between indoor and outdoor alfresco spaces was necessary. Although there is no yard, the covered basement garage space is large enough to host several outdoor activities.
  • Warm and neutral colour tones provide a calming backdrop ensuring that the occupants are the feature element rather than the house.
  • A carpeted first floor retreat has been provided as an informal living space with a view.


The Grollo A380 has the flexibility to be enlarged by converting a portion of the basement area into additional living space. The house has been designed to enable future basement access to the ground floor hallway if the future occupant wishes to gain direct access to the basement. The garage space at ground floor level (currently being used as an office) can be closed off and either converted into a garage or another living space/bedroom.

It also has the potential to be used as a home office etc. In terms of downsizing, areas such as the basement carpark and garage could also be potentially rented to an external party for use as an office or other small business arrangements, thereby providing the occupants with additional income if needed. In summary, the A380 is flexible and accommodating to the modern family. 

Sustainable Design Features:

  • Double glazed windows and 13mm double laminated (Low E tinted) glass was used throughout. 
  • Majority of construction consisted of use of timber rather than aluminium framing to limit the building’s carbon footprint. 
  • Bulk insulation was installed to all external walls, floors and ceilings. 
  • A 5000 litre rainwater tank has been installed beneath the external deck area to limit stormwater runoff into the catchments. The collected water fills the toilet cisterns. 
  • Low maintenance, drought proof landscaping was implemented. 
  • Zoned heating and cooling units have been installed to limit power use. 
  • A gas fireplace has been installed to limit electricity consumption.
grollo a380
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