About us

A genuine custom builder, creating and constructing homes for over 50 years.

Challenging what has become standard in home floor plans and design, Grollo Homes creates unique, architecturally designed and craftsman built homes. Each home is custom designed and built in collaboration with an architect and builder who are with you every step of the way.

With over 50 years experience in the construction industry, the family-owned and run business continues to promote the trust, experience, expertise and integrity on which its foundations are built.

From our family to yours

We have never lost sight of what’s important to the success of our business and that’s family.

We are renowned for designing and building distinct and elegant homes with style. The workmanship and attention to detail involved are truly worthy of the moniker “craftsman built”.

Our expertise allows us to build on challenging sites, from poor soil conditions to difficult access or significant sloping. We use our skills and knowledge gathered through generations of the Grollo family to create and apply traditional methods with new and innovative design and construction techniques to bring your home design to life.

You will never be told “It’s too difficult” at Grollo Homes.

–  The Grollo family