Key considerations when selecting a pool

Once you have decided that a pool for your new home is right for you, it is important to start thinking about the design of the pool and how it will fit in with your needs, lifestyle and budget, while also meeting any relevant standards. Here, we take a look at some of the design [...]

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Building a home with a pool: Is it right for you?

Sitting on the edge of a home swimming pool, sipping a drink and watching the kids play in the water during a hot summers day is a dream of many Australian families. So when it comes time to design your new home, a swimming pool may be one of the features you’re thinking about including. [...]

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Building a custom home in Boroondara: what you need to know before you start

Whether you are just starting to think about buying land or building your custom home in the Boroondara area, or are planning a knockdown and rebuild, you’ll need to know what restrictions are present on the land. Without doing thorough research into your specific block, you may find when it comes time to build your [...]

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Hiring an architect to design your custom home: your questions answered

Building a home that is uniquely yours is what makes a custom home so appealing. With so many choices available, a design that is true to your style, incorporates as many of the features you want as possible, but still remains functional and aesthetically pleasing is a complex equation. Luckily, architects are masters of design [...]

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