Emphasising Individuality: Making Contemporary Architecture Your Own

Reflecting the style of the moment, contemporary architecture borrows elements from its architectural predecessor modern design. It takes the elements that worked and fixes those that didn’t, to create a style that is clean, simple and emphasises a connection with the outdoors. By allowing architects and home builders to pick and choose the desired characteristics, contemporary architecture sets itself apart from other styles with its focus on individuality.

Modern versus contemporary: what’s the difference?

It is not uncommon for people to think modern and contemporary architecture is the same when thinking about the style they would like to build their new house. After all, they are synonyms and can be used interchangeably to describe many things.

However, when describing architecture, they refer to two distinguishable eras. Contemporary is about the ever-evolving styles of the 21st century. On the other hand, modern refers to the designs of the 1950s and 1960s, but can also include the art deco style of the 1920s and vintage style of the 1970s.

The feel of contemporary designs is also warmer than modern.

Characteristics of contemporary architecture

While contemporary style homes emphasise individuality, there are a number of defining characteristics. They are open, simple and clean in design with an indoor/outdoor connection, allowing it to be a versatile backdrop to the furniture designs, art, colours, textiles and accessories of today, while still being timeless.

There is a strong emphasis on the building materials with recycled, natural and sustainable materials preferred such as wood and stone. Glass and metal are also commonly used, and materials are often mixed to create a sleek and distinct style.

These style homes tend to have open floor plans to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor areas with an emphasis on the kitchen, living and alfresco areas due to the focus on entertainment and outdoor living.

Colours typically favoured are black, white and gray, which can be accompanied by splashes of rich, pure tones such as red, indigo and orange. 

Other defining characteristics include:


  • An irregular, asymmetrical façade
  • Strong emphasis on geometric shapes
  • Large windows
  • Clerestory windows


  • One to two stories
  • Lots of natural light
  • Green systems for plumbing, heating and air conditioning
  • A flexible layout suited to meet the family’s needs

Bringing individuality to life

Contemporary style homes are ideal for those wanting to showcase their individuality on the outside as well as the inside, while being flexible enough to allow them to change up the interior styling to reflect themselves at that time.

This makes it important to select an experienced architect and builder. A skilled architect will be able to bring your individuality to life, while seamlessly integrating elements of other styles to create a home that is bespoke, balanced and timeless.

The team at Grollo Homes has been designing and building homes for over 50 years, and has a wide portfolio of work in the contemporary style. With an architect and builder working with you every step of the way, you can rest assured that your dream home will be built to your specifications, in your budget, without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

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