How to build on a sloping or difficult block

If you have a sloping or narrow block, building your own home can feel like an uphill battle. But don’t fret, if you are one of the many owners that have one of these blocks, you can still design and build your dream home. If you work with the right builder, homes on sloping blocks can have unique designs that capture natural light and have unobstructed views.

An increasing number of volume builders are making designs available that are specifically for sloping blocks. However, depending on the degree of the slope, and size and shape of your block, the limited range of pre-made designs may still not be suitable. If that is the case, it may cost more for the builder to accommodate the changes in the plan or they could reject to build all together.

The second option is to choose a conventional, pre-designed home as you would on any other block. This option drastically increases your design choices and builder options. It is important to keep in mind that this approach more often than not requires extensive excavation and a retaining wall to be built all the way around the property. This can impede the size of your home and backyard area, and can block natural light coming into the home creating a dungeon-like feel, as well as increasing the cost.

While these pre-made options can offer great solutions to your problem block depending on the look and feel you want for you home, the secret benefits of a sloping block is the way experienced builders use it to their advantage.

We’ll let you in on a secret

Most people shy away from a sloping block, when in reality the result of building on a sloping block can be a wonderfully unique home with clear views and an abundance of natural light.

Sloping blocks lend themselves to homes that are full of character, with features such as rooftop balconies, mezzanine levels, layered landscaped gardens and split level designs.

An experienced custom builder is able to take into account the various aspects of your block and its surrounds to create a totally unique design that will help reap the full benefits of your block. In order to make best use of the land you will need to work with an architect and a builder who can help you design your home from the ground up.

Don’t lose hope

While there are many aspects to consider if you have a difficult block to work with, choosing an experienced custom builder means you can have confidence that you’ve covered all the bases and that you will receive constant support.

Jason Grollo, Director and Project Manager at Grollo Homes, said the best way to work with difficult blocks is with a strategic approach.

“You’ve got to ask how can I make this work? How do you make it liveable? You’ve got to consider staircases and retaining walls, which usually require ample excavation.

“At Grollo we can organise geotechnical evaluations for our clients so that we are all well informed about what’s going on underneath the surface of their block.

“We’ve also got the advantage of having our own depot, storage houses and warehouses. This means we can deliver materials on a schedule when required, which is the most efficient way to manage logistics on blocks with difficult access.”

Contact Grollo Homes today to discuss the options you have for your difficult or sloping block in a no obligation, cost-free meeting with the experienced team.

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