Meet your architect: Ben Grollo

Grollo Homes is a family run business first established by Lui Grollo over 50 years ago. Now run by his sons, Grollo Homes still carries the same values of trust, experience, integrity and innovation that the family has carefully cultivated over the years. Learn a bit about Principal Architect, Ben Grollo, who works directly with clients to design the house of their dreams.

A driving force of inspiration

Ben grew up in the business, with his father and brothers being his biggest influences in his decision to get into architecture.

“I would watch Dad working on different design projects and his passion for the work was inspirational,” Ben said.

“Following in his footsteps became a driving force for me to learn what I could both theoretically and practically.

“Over the years I have completed several university degrees including a Master of Architecture.”

Joining the business

While Ben was no stranger to the family business, having gone to building sites and display homes to help his father, it wasn’t until around 20 years ago that he officially joined the team at Grollo Homes.

“Prior to working for the family business I worked on various commercial projects such as Eureka Tower, multi-storey car parks, hotels and apartments, including many buildings located within the QV development in Melbourne CBD,” Ben said.

Being able to custom design houses for a variety of clients is one of the main reasons Ben enjoys his work at Grollo, and he believes that clients like the familial-touch of being able to work directly with members of the family from start to finish.

“A home should always be designed to suit the clients’ personalities, requirements and landscape. The variety and interaction with many different people with all manner of personal and cultural differences keeps my work fresh and exciting.

“I believe our clients appreciate the fact that the family members running Grollo Homes are actively involved in every aspect of each and every project we take on, from initial concept designs through to construction and beyond. Interacting with the client not only adds that personal touch to the entire process, but also allows for the establishment of trust and strong relationships, vital for the creation of architecture.”

Evolving designs

Trends in architecture are constantly changing, with styles coming in and out of fashion due to new technologies, construction techniques and materials, and new ways of living. This is one of the aspects of the job that interests Ben, but as he points out, new doesn’t always equal better, and Grollo design and build homes to last.

“Our designs have evolved over time; being able to look back at what was contemporary over 50 years ago and comparing it to what we are capable of doing today is incredible.

“That being said, we have maintained our traditional building methods as they have proven to stand the test of time.”

Keeping it in the family

Ben said he would like Grollo to remain a family-run and operated business in the future, maintaining a high level of trust and respect amongst it clients, as well as maintaining the high level of craftsmanship that goes into each house.

“As I followed in my father’s footsteps, it would be nice for my sons to take the reins when my brothers, cousins and I move on.

“There is no desire to expand as we prefer to maintain a level of control and quality over each and every project.

“In the interim, we continue to strive for excellence and continue the legacy my father paved for us, designing and building quality projects for our clients.”

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