Meet your home builder: Jason Grollo

Grollo Homes is a family run business first established by Lui Grollo over 50 years ago. Now run by his sons, Grollo Homes still carries the same values of trust, experience, integrity and innovation that the family has carefully cultivated over the years. Learn a bit about Director and Project Manager, Jason Grollo, who works directly with clients to build their custom homes and guide them through their journey.

Jason has been involved in the family business since he could first walk and talk.

“Dad would take us to work on school holidays and we would sweep out the yard or staple specifications together,” Jason said.

“When we were old enough to be presentable he would take us to the display homes with him. I remember once when my brother was ten and one of the reps didn’t show up, he manned the display home himself — that was interesting.”

Joining the business

As the boys got older they were allowed to do more hands-on work. But it wasn’t until 1993 that Jason officially started working part-time at the company, and made the move to full time in 1996.

“Initially I was working in accounts, then gradually I took on project management of a couple of houses. Eventually I became the head project manager in charge of all houses that we build now.”

“I enjoy what I do because I get to deal with both the clients and the construction staff.
It’s an area where you get the most experience. You deal with people all the time, and you get to build the product and see a completed home at the end of the construction. It’s very rewarding, particularly since we build custom built homes, so they’re all different. Every project is interesting in its own way.”

Growth and innovation

Over his many years with Grollo, Jason has reflected on how their processes have become more modernised.

“We actively look for new techniques that augment the traditional construction methods and practices. We don’t just stick to everything’s old fashioned. But where new processes become available we test them and see how they’ll fit in with our method of construction. Then if they’re successful we will adopt them.”

Jason says he sees the work they do at Grollo Homes as one family giving to another.

“We take pride in making sure that we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver. We take pride in the design and the way we put things together. We continue to strive to be the best at what we do.”

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